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As some of you know, one of the main reasons we started our own production company, Dromio Players, is because of the very few opportunities for new play development in New Jersey, especially for women.


Right now, Dromio Players Inc. is constructing The Development Project, a venture that will allow playwrights to hear their plays read by actors in order to gain a real feel for the rhythm of the language and the clarity of purpose. Playwrights benefit from hearing their plays in order to hone their craft and fully explore their dialogue. Play development offers them this opportunity and may be the most important step in moving a play from the script to production.


Further, hearing plays read is often more important than workshopping with a group because ‘pops’ and discussion sometimes feel abstract when a playwright is caught up problems of dramatic structure. Even positives may ‘hit’ the ear of the playwright as a misunderstanding of language or purpose. However, there’s no denying the power of hearing our words… and feeling the responses of the actors who read those words.


As an aspect of The Development Project, we will allow audience members to ask questions of the playwright after the readings and will encourage the playwright to ask for feedback from audience members. Responses from the audience who have ‘lived’ the play, experienced the language and the structure of a play for the first time, is invaluable.


The Development Project will begin by setting goals for the playwright and will assist the playwright in the evolution of both the play and her or his writing.

Although Dromio Players would like to produce all the plays that see development in our ‘playwright haven,’ will cannot guarantee that will happen. However, our mission in this project is to prepare play for successful stage productions.


Our specific goals in The Development Project are:

  1. Allow the playwright her or his play; we can ask questions; say what we believe about the play. Only the playwright is allowed to ‘write’ the play.

  2. Even the director cannot rewrite the play.

  3. Insist to the playwright, the actors and the audience that even Shakespeare didn’t get it right the first time: there is a process that is essential to playwrighting (see Shakespeare’s ‘bad quarto’ of Hamlet).

  4. The people in the room who comment must understand that all art is process- oriented, and their focus must be to support that process and that artist.

  5.  The playwright should listen to the feedback; she or he should not push back. She or he does not need to agree or accept the feedback or suggestions… but she or he must listen to what the people in the room say respectfully.





Post-reading discussions:

Time: maximum 20 minutes based on playwright’s 5 to 10 questions

for the audience.

The audience is allowed to ask the playwright questions;

suggestions for the play are discouraged.

Contact us at sheadua@comcast.net if you would like to submit your play for a reading through THE DEVELOPMENT PROJECT!

The Dromio Players, a group of collaborative artists who have things to say, met in 2016 and began searching for Vaudeville.

It was a fruitless journey to a bottomless abyss of red tape and capitalist yearnings... No one, no one, could answer the two mind-altering questions that had drawn us together,

"What's buried behind Lufkin's Diner? Who is Frank Moore?"


So, we dusted off our Orange Bear costumes, packed up our dogeared Riverside Shakespeares, carefully placed our union cards in

the safest zipper-pockets of our gypsy fort-nighters, and hit the road to find limelights that still welcome our ilk. 

Although none among us is Ricky Burbage, Will Kemp, or Poor Tom, we are, in a word, right here right now...

This is the Globe, is it not?

Special thanks to Charles Olson and Kenneth Patchen!

Jude Duane:


Dromio's musical director, composer, pianist & trombonist. ​

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AJ Melnick:

Sharp-witted, talented actor and vocalist who can play innocent and monstrous  on the same stage!

Sophia Parola:

Beautiful, talented actor who lights up cities with her incredible smile. 

Renee Panagos:

Brilliant, intelligent actor and incredible human being...

Areti !

Lucky to have these incredible people!

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Brendan Gillespie:

Super talented actor, musician, vocalist, lighting and design engineer.