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As many of you know, Dromio Players is no longer operating.

Individuals who have been a part of this loving venture are still working together, but we are working as members of the Playwrights at Night ‘crew.’

(Thank you, Nichole Nappi, Jeannie Power Galli and Elyse Reissman.)

Playwrights at Night is a short play reading program that runs on the first Wednesday of every month... for mostly local playwrights. Each session, we read 4 short plays and offer a talkback.

Tickets are $8. The money goes to the JSAC. Everyone involved is a volunteer: actors are not paid, and neither are the playwrights. I'm a volunteer, also.

As I said, the program runs on the first Wednesday of every month at 7 pm.

Our next meeting is August 3rd at 7:00 pm.

Please consider supporting us!

The Dromio Players, a group of collaborative artists who have things to say, met in 2016 and began searching for Vaudeville.

It was a fruitless journey to a bottomless abyss of red tape and capitalist yearnings... No one, no one, could answer the two mind-altering questions that had drawn us together,

"What's buried behind Lufkin's Diner? Who is Frank Moore?"


So, we dusted off our Orange Bear costumes, packed up our dogeared Riverside Shakespeares, carefully placed our union cards in

the safest zipper-pockets of our gypsy fort-nighters, and hit the road to find limelights that still welcome our ilk. 

Although none among us is Ricky Burbage, Will Kemp, or Poor Tom, we are, in a word, right here right now...

This is the Globe, is it not?

Special thanks to Charles Olson and Kenneth Patchen!


Jude Duane:


Dromio's musical director, composer, pianist, trombonist,

and archivist. ​

Renee Panagos:

Brilliant, intelligent actor and incredible human being...

Areti !


Carl Hoffman: gifted director and actor who adds calm and stability to every performance. Carl makes everything better.


Barbara Guidi: brilliant actor and incredible superhero. She is a force to be reckoned with

AJ Melnick:


talented actor and vocalist who can do anything.

Lucky to have these incredible people!

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