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The JSAC requests a donation of $10. to attend performances.

The donation money goes to the JSAC.

Everyone involved is a volunteer: actors are not paid, and neither are the playwrights. Quinn and I are volunteers, also.


PLAYWRIGHTS AT NIGHT does not profess to be The Lyric Theater or even a NYC-style theater venue. We present readings in raw form for entertainment and discussion.

We encourage dialogue based on the Liz Lerman model.


The program runs on the first Wednesday of every month at 7 pm.


We feature 3 plays and a short talkback after each one. 


The plays that are submitted are read by committee.

Some wonderful plays are just too long for our program.

Some interesting plays cannot be successfully presented via the limitations of our timeframe, rehearsal space availability, and performance space.

There are a few incredible plays we’ve failed to present because of casting limitations.

Some plays don’t embrace our policy of equity and inclusion.

So many people have expressed an interest in


@ the JERSEY SHORE ARTS CENTER IN OCEAN GROVE, NJ, both in submitting and in attending our performances.


For that reason, we’ve crafted this summary:


PLAYWRIGHTS AT NIGHT is a short play reading program that runs once a month on the first Wednesday of the month.

We present short (10-minute) plays with three or fewer characters. Two-character plays are ideal for our team.

We run a zoom rehearsal, and then present the reading in person at the Jersey Shore Arts Center.


In most cases, we record the readings (although we've had some issues with the technology.

This is our general contract re: plays we perform.

Contract for reading/production w/ PLAYWRIGHTS AT NIGHT.

The playwright ________________________

agrees to allow Playwrights at Night to read/produce the following play:


The playwright understands that there will be no pay for this production as P@N is part of a non-profit organization, the Jersey Shore Arts Center in Ocean Grove, NJ.

The playwright also understands that directorial decisions may be made that will allow the play to best accommodate P@N’s facility, rehearsal timeframes, performance times, actor availability, etc. However, we will not change the ‘words’ (monologue, dialogue, etc.) without the explicit permission of the playwright.

Thank you,

Sheila and Quinn

Playwrights at Night


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