Playwrights at Night
is up and running!

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first Wednesday of every month
@ 7 at the JSAC in Ocean Grove.

More to come!


Also, here are two recorded plays. The first is called, THE VALOR OF MY TONGUE by sheila duane. The title is taken from Lady Macbeth’s soliloquy from Act one of Macbeth. It is a meta-play written about the evening General Macbeth of Shakespeare fame meets the woman who will prompt him to murder, regicide and his own bloody death by decapitation. Oh, Macbeth the signs were there. The play will be performed by AJ Melnick as General Macbeth and Renee Panagos as Ingen aka Lady Macbeth, both actors are founding members of the Dromio Players. Stage directions will be read by Sheila Duane, the author and director.



The second play is a much lighter piece of writing called Wanna Sing the Blues. It also stars Renee Panagos as Kitty Greene, a very young southern belle who wants to run off with a Bluesman saxophone player. Her problem is that she has to convince the sax player that she can sing and contribute to the success of his career. And she can’t sing. So she seeks the retired superstar bluesman, singer and trombone player… the town celebrity, Cosmo “Papa A” Abraham, played by AJ Melnick who is himself a talented singer, to teach her to sing… I guess she’s looking for magic. Aren’t we all?

Two plays and a monologue:

Dinner by Cherielyn Ferguson (staring Renee Panagos, AJ Melnick & Sophia Parola)

Conferences: by Sheila Duane (staring Sophia Parola)

and The Circus Master and the Peanut Dancer, also by Sheila Duane (staring Renee Panagos and AJ Melnick)


 at the MAC

Our peeps: Renee Panagos,

Sophia Parole, Brendan Gillespie,

AJ Melnick.



A reading of The Ghosts of the Morro Castle

November 2nd, 7 pm

Our wonderful actors:

AJ Melnick, Sophia Parola, Renee Panagos, Brendan Gillespie and Jude Duane.

September 21, 2019
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Femme Fatales Don't Die of Old Age 

by Sheila Duane

Mission statement: To create opportunities for local playwrights, artists, musicians and actors to express socially relevant, community- building works of art that are inclusive and meaningful…       

    oh, and comedy...

Further, as part of our Mission, we offer women playwrights and actors more opportunities, including but not limited to representing / producing 80% women writers / playwrights.

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Do you want to be my special Peanut Dancer?

Thanks to actors Deb Maclean

Dennis DaPrile

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